Honed Marbles and Limestone's

  • Use  dishwashing detergent and warm water

  • Use "Soft Scrub with Bleach" or heavy duty cleaning product for stains; they will lift immediately.  If the stain persists repeat the process

  • Please note: oil, butter marks, etc. can be lifted with "Shout it Out"

Polished Marble

  • Rinse the surface thoroughly after washing with soap

  • Do not use vinegar, lemon juice or other cleanser containing acids on polished marble or shiny onyx surfaces

Honed Black Absolute Granite

  • Clean surfaces with heavy duty  or strong detergent and warm water

  • Oil takes a few days to come back out - use "Shout it Out" and let sit - the detergent will absorb it

  • Ammonia "Windex"/"Scrubbing Bubbles", "Extra Strength 409"

Polished Granite

  • Clean surfaces with mild liquid dishwashing detergent and warm water

  • Dry surface after washing

  • Cutting on your granite countertops is perfectly fin


  • Use mineral oil to deepen color stone

  • Mineral oil is a digestible material

  • Use mild dishwashing detergent and warm water

  • You can use a 220 Diamon Sponge to buff out scratches and nicks in the surface of the stone if "honed"

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Stone Care

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